Port vehicle fire extinguishing system

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Port vehicle fire extinguishing system

The port vehicle-mounted automatic fire extinguishing device integrates functions such as real-time fire monitoring, automatic early warning, automatic fire extinguishing, intelligent control terminals, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. It relies on real-time fire detectors, chemical bottle groups, chemical pipelines and spray equipment, and alarms. Control equipment, etc., realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of fires in port stackers, reach stackers, gantry cranes, ship loading and unloading machines, yard bridges, quay crane vehicles and mobile machinery and equipment, and provide fire early warning, alarm and fire extinguishing at the first time Action to truly realize intelligent fire protection in ports.

Analysis of traditional fire protection pain points in ports:

1. There are blind spots and untimeliness in monitoring

Due to the wide coverage of the port and the complex and changeable operating environment, relying on traditional manual fire observation has blind spots, fire monitoring is not in place, and effective fire monitoring of vehicles, mobile machinery and equipment, and fixed machines cannot be carried out in a timely manner.

2. Fire monitoring accuracy is poor

Due to the lack of auxiliary means, port management personnel cannot grasp the location and behavior status of port personnel, vehicles, flow machines and stationary machines in a timely manner, and cannot accurately identify and judge fire conditions. At the same time, they cannot inform operators of early warning information in real time, which can easily cause vehicle accidents. Fire accident.

As an advanced fire-fighting technology, the vehicle-mounted automatic fire extinguishing device plays a vital role in the smart fire protection of port flow machines/solid machines. The device uses advanced detection technology and control systems to quickly detect the fire source in the early stages of a fire and extinguish the fire through automatic or manual control. Compared with traditional fire extinguishing methods, vehicle-mounted automatic fire extinguishing devices have higher fire extinguishing efficiency and lower costs.

Technical innovations in vehicle-mounted automatic fire extinguishing devices:

1. In terms of fire detection, it achieves one-to-one accurate detection, which can quickly capture early concealed fires and deep fires. Even if the equipment is unattended, it can provide uninterrupted real-time detection and protection.

2. In terms of starting technology, unmanned purely mechanical self-starting is realized, and the fire response is rapid. The built-in self-starting device can start the system to release agents at the moment of fire for rapid fire extinguishing.

3. In terms of spray technology, more precise spraying is achieved. The customized system pipeline avoids the loss of chemicals. The chemicals can also be directly transported to the inside of the fire source and released in the form of fine water mist, making fire extinguishing faster. .

In addition, the vehicle-mounted automatic fire extinguishing device also has wide applicability. Whether it is a port flow machine or a fixed machine, whether it is a large or small equipment, this device can provide effective fire protection. At the same time, the device is also environmentally friendly, safe, reliable and will not cause harm to the environment and human body.