Golden Mean Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,LTD. is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, China. It specializes in the design, development, and production of water-based automatic fire extinguishing devices for industrial and mining vehicles, automatic fire extinguishing systems for automotive engine compartments, underground special vehicle automatic fire extinguishing systems, lithium battery box perfluorohexaenone fire extinguishing devices, automotive automatic fire extinguishers, on-board fire extinguishing systems, temperature sensing automatic fire extinguishing devices, fire detection tube fire extinguishing devices, and ultrafine dry powder engine compartment fire extinguishing equipment Customized enterprises of fire safety detection systems and special fire extinguishing devices, such as machine tool automatic fire extinguishing device, foam fire extinguishing equipment, industrial fire fighting Internet of Things system, temperature detection and early warning device, thermal imaging detection display system, infrared detection and imaging system, light detection, explosion-proof flame detection fire early warning alarm simulation monitoring system, quantum detection system, spark early warning detection device, automatic fire alarm device, etc.

The company's products are widely used in underground automobiles, rock drilling trucks, loaders, tunneling machines, scrapers, support transport vehicles, port flow machines, stackers, front cranes, excavators, wide body dump trucks, transport vehicles, non highway vehicles, electric transmission vehicles, battery engine vehicles, electrical equipment, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, electrical cabinet interiors, cable trenches, and other non-ferrous metal mining enterprises such as gold, copper, iron, tungsten, silver, and coal mines Industries such as cable interlayer, lithium battery compartment, experimental site, and special operation site, such as mining trucks, passenger vehicles, new energy vehicle fire extinguishing, logistics transportation vehicles, special vehicles, vehicle braking systems, bearing temperature detection systems, shipbuilding machinery equipment, ship engines and generator sets, oilfield drilling equipment, mining machinery equipment, papermaking process equipment, CNC CNC CNC machine tools, large punch equipment Tire and wheel production process system, roller crusher, printing ink equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine, semiconductor industrial equipment, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, substation, power station, wind turbine, diesel engine compartment, aviation engine, spray painting workshop, paint production and manufacturing process equipment, automatic fryer, powder warehouse, garbage treatment equipment, commercial kitchen, logistics warehouse, oil fume duct All heat treatment equipment can be equipped with our automatic detection and warning, fire extinguishing series products.