Mining loader fire extinguishing system

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Mining loader fire extinguishing system

Mine cars are a type of transportation equipment that is widely used and widely used in the mining production process. In recent years, mine fire safety issues have become more and more prominent, which has attracted the attention of all sectors of society to the fire safety of mine cars. As the leaders of the mining economy, coal and iron mines are the first to strengthen mine truck fire safety management. The demand for mine truck fire protection has accelerated the upgrading of mine truck fire extinguishing devices. The mine car automatic fire extinguishing system is a more intelligent and automated automatic fire extinguishing system developed and produced based on the vehicle-mounted fire extinguishing equipment and based on the structure and application characteristics of the mine car body and the characteristics of the operating environment.

The mine car automatic fire extinguishing system is the basic guarantee device for the fire safety of commonly used vehicles in mines. The system must have automatic fire detection, automatic fire early warning and automatic control fire extinguishing functions. It can be customized and targeted for the diesel engine, cab, and gearbox of the mine car. Provide fire safety protection for flammable parts such as wires, instruments, and engines to reduce the probability of mine car fires caused by excessive temperature in the engine compartment, fuel leakage, aging short circuits on the vehicle wiring, and powder accumulation. At the same time, the system solves the limitations of power sources and people on system operation through the application of forward-looking fire protection technology, realizing that the entire process of monitoring, early warning, and control of fire extinguishing can be completed without power supply and without human beings. The breakthrough solution to this problem not only ensures the system's all-round protection of mine car fire safety, but also greatly reduces the threat of mine car fires to the life safety of workers.

The core components of the mine car automatic fire extinguishing system: fire source detectors, chemical bottle groups, pipelines, and fine spray nozzles. The entire system completes closed-loop fire protection operations through purely mechanical linkage of each core component, without the need for a master controller. There is no need for signal transmission, interpretation, etc., which greatly improves the system's response speed in the face of fire. Provides conditions for early fire extinguishing.

Key components and technologies for fire prevention in mine car automatic fire extinguishing systems:

Fire source detector—rapid temperature detection technology: The fire source detector is the key to obtaining whether a mine car fire has occurred, locating the location of the fire, and sending out a fire signal. The mine car automatic fire extinguishing system uses a self-developed fire source detector. The first advantage of this detector is that it can set the trigger temperature according to the fire characteristics of the protected space, is sensitive to deep fires and concealed fires, and can quickly and accurately capture the fire source point. Advantage 2: The detector has a self-activation function. There is no need to transmit signals to the main controller. The system can be started directly through the activation system self-starting device.

Self-starting device - pure mechanical starting technology without power source: Conventional mine car automatic fire extinguishing devices require manpower or power source to start, which will cause system failure due to unattended mine cars or no power supply. The automatic fire extinguishing system of the mine car does not require power supply and manpower. The explosion of the fire source detector causes the pressure in the pipeline to rise, and then triggers the built-in self-starting device to start the system to extinguish the fire.

The mine car automatic fire extinguishing system is a fire extinguishing device that is suitable and can provide assistance in the construction of smart mining environments. It is suitable for support trucks, frame transport trucks, hydraulic excavators, loaders, scrapers, wide-body dump trucks, etc. High-precision, high-value industrial and mining vehicles are very effective in fire prevention.