Mining rubber tire truck fire extinguishing system


Mining rubber tire truck fire extinguishing system

As an effective fire extinguishing method for mining trackless rubber-tyred vehicles, frame transport vehicles, support transport vehicles, underground scrapers, loaders, rock drilling rigs, anchor trolleys, wide-body dump trucks and other mining vehicles - automatic coal mining vehicles Fire extinguishing systems and water-based automatic fire extinguishing devices for mining vehicles use stainless steel chemical bottles, water-based fire extinguishing agents, fire source detectors, controllers, audible and visual alarms, and water mist sprinklers to realize automatic fire detection of vehicle fires, The integrated design of early warning and sprinkler fire extinguishing has the characteristics of stable safety performance, reliable start-up, and efficient fire extinguishing. It has been widely used in fire protection of mining vehicles in many places.

Analysis of causes of coal mine vehicle fire accidents:

1. Insufficient vehicle maintenance, short circuit in electrical circuits, oil leakage and accumulation of oil vapor under high temperature are the direct causes of accidents.

2. The rescuers are not proficient in the use of fire-fighting equipment, do not handle vehicle fires properly, and do not spray fire extinguishing agents directly to the burning parts, which are important reasons for the expansion of fire accidents.

3. Under the special environment of coal mines, the roads on which vehicles run are uneven, and the vehicles bump too much during operation, which makes electrical circuits and oil circuits prone to wear or rupture, which is also an important reason for fire accidents.

Introduction to the functions and features of coal mine vehicle automatic fire extinguishing systems/devices:

1. The core components are made of stainless steel, and the pharmaceutical bottles, pharmaceutical pipelines, detection lines, etc. are treated with anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and shock absorption to meet the complex and harsh conditions of mines such as high temperature, extreme cold, high corrosion, and high vibration. Environmental use.

2. There are three starting modes: temperature sensing automatic start, mechanical manual start and emergency start. The start is reliable and stable, making fire extinguishing more convenient.

3. It has a compact structure and small occupied volume, and can perform integrated operations of fire detection, alarm and fire extinguishing.

4. The fire source detector can monitor fire dynamics in protective areas such as vehicle engine compartments, vehicle distribution boxes, and battery compartments 24 hours a day, detect potential fire hazards in a timely manner, and achieve efficient early fire extinguishing.

5. Using a new type of water-based fire extinguishing agent, it has strong electrical insulation and no corrosion. It will not cause secondary damage to vehicle equipment after fire extinguishing, and has no destructive effect on the atmospheric environment.

The application of automatic fire extinguishing systems for coal mine vehicles has broken the old pattern of traditional fire extinguishing, and has made technical improvements and improvements in fire detection and fire extinguishing performance, achieving early detection, early suppression and early fire extinguishing of mine car fires, effectively ensuring the safety of mines/ Fire safety of mining vehicles, port flow machines, oil field vehicles, airport vehicles, etc.