Mine car fire extinguishing device


Mine car fire extinguishing device

The underground mine car automatic fire extinguishing device/system uses advanced Internet of Things technology to conduct real-time monitoring of fires in various protective areas of mining vehicles such as loaders, scrapers, monorail cranes, support trucks, shearers, and rock drilling rigs. Monitoring, completes efficient response to vehicle fires, rapid disposal and precise fire extinguishing. It is currently widely used by mining companies in Xinjiang, Shaanxi and other places and has a high degree of automation, easy operation, stability and reliability, and efficient fire extinguishing. Intelligent vehicle automatic fire extinguishing system. Not only can it effectively improve the safety and reliability of mining vehicle operations, but it can also further improve mining companies' intelligent management and control capabilities for mine vehicle fires.

In deep underground mines, factors such as no electricity, safety, and explosion protection are always the key points of fire safety protection. The underground mine car automatic fire extinguishing system is specifically designed for underground flammable and explosive environments. It adopts passive and non-electric self-starting fire extinguishing technology. Through purely mechanical actions, it truly realizes unmanned and non-electrified active defense. This means that in any emergency situation, it can respond quickly, effectively control the fire, and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

Functional features of underground mine car automatic fire extinguishing system/device:

1. Automatic fire monitoring and control: According to the fire characteristics and fire extinguishing needs of the actual protection area, the installation positions and numbers of detectors can be rationally distributed, and their sensitivity to the temperature of the fire source can be used to realize full-time detection of vehicle fires. , all-round, multi-space, real-time and accurate prevention and control, and respond quickly and start as soon as a fire occurs.

2. Automatic induction activation and fire extinguishing: The system can set the detector temperature value differently according to different protection needs, thereby achieving precise prevention and control of single or multiple protective spaces. When the temperature in the protected area reaches the set value of the fire source detector, the fire extinguishing device will mechanically open the control valve above the agent bottle to achieve precise and rapid release of water-based and other fire-extinguishing agents, quickly suppressing and extinguishing the fire. .

3. Manual control, multiple protection: The system adopts customized design, which can meet different automatic and manual fire extinguishing needs at the same time. When personnel detect a fire in advance, they can manually start the fire extinguishing device to extinguish the fire by pressing the manual start button, and quickly complete the fire extinguishing process. .

At the same time, the environmental protection of the system was also taken into consideration at the beginning of the development and design of the underground mine car automatic fire extinguishing system. Therefore, a "clean and environmentally friendly" water-based fire extinguishing agent was used. This fire extinguishing agent is non-toxic, fluorine-free, and harmless to human safety. There is no corrosion to equipment and no damage to the atmospheric environment, so it is very beneficial to the sustainable development of mines.

It can be seen that the underground mine car automatic fire extinguishing system not only improves the safety of mine operations, but also greatly reduces the risk of fire, achieving precise and efficient control of vehicle fires in a short time, quickly eliminating three-dimensional fires, and efficiently It solves the problem of fire prevention and extinguishing of mine cars, brings new technology and new hope to mining safety, and comprehensively guarantees the safe, stable and efficient operation of vehicles above and below the mine.