Coal mine vehicle fire extinguishing device


Coal mine vehicle fire extinguishing device

With the rapid development of social economy, people's demand for coal continues to increase. In order to speed up the coal mining process and improve the level of mechanization, coal mining enterprises have gradually increased the use of coal mining vehicles. However, the fire safety problem of coal mining vehicles has become increasingly prominent during use, and there is an urgent need to equip corresponding fire extinguishing equipment to solve this problem.

Through the analysis of the characteristics of coal mine vehicles and the use environment, our company has developed a water-based automatic fire extinguishing device for vehicles that can well solve this fire hazard and thus provide guarantee for coal mine fire safety.

1. Composition of fire extinguishing agent

Water-based fire extinguishing agents exist in liquid form and are mainly composed of hydrocarbon surfactants, fluorocarbon surfactants, flame retardants and auxiliaries.

2. Fire extinguishing principle

Water-based fire extinguishing agents form water mist after being sprayed, instantly evaporating a large amount of heat in the fire scene, quickly reducing the temperature of the fire scene, and inhibiting thermal radiation. The surfactant quickly forms a water film on the surface of the combustible material, isolating oxygen, and has dual functions of cooling and isolation. , and participate in fire extinguishing at the same time, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing, which belongs to physical fire extinguishing.

3. Advantages of fire extinguishing agents

It has the characteristics of anti-reignition and double fire extinguishing. After the fire is extinguished, it will not pollute the object. It can be sprayed directly on the human body to avoid the flames from causing harm to the human body.

4. Scope of application of fire extinguishing agent

Water-based fire extinguishers are mainly suitable for initial fires and can effectively extinguish fires and prevent re-ignition. It is suitable for fires involving solid materials such as wood and cloth; flammable liquid fires such as gasoline and volatile chemical liquids; flammable electrical appliance fires and kitchen grease fires. In addition, water-based fire extinguishers are not affected by indoor, outdoor, windy and other environments. The fire extinguishing agent can maximize the effect on the surface of burning objects. They can be used in homes, cars, commercial offices, etc.

Reasons for choosing this device:

1. Diversified startup methods:

The water-based automatic fire extinguishing device for vehicles can be divided into three methods: automatic start, manual start and emergency start according to the starting method to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.

2. Strong environmental applicability:

The device's pharmaceutical pipeline is made of stainless steel pipes, which have the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, not easy to wear, and high temperature resistance. The Teflon pipe selected by the pharmaceutical supervisor has the flexibility of a rubber hose and is resistant to high temperatures, friction, and aging, and can be safely used in the complex operating environment of coal mines.

3. Fast response and high fire extinguishing efficiency:

When the temperature in the protective area reaches the set temperature, the device automatically starts, and the pressure in the bottle is instantly released. Under the action of pressure, the water-based fire extinguishing agent is instantly released into the flammable space through the water-based special pipeline, thereby achieving rapid and effective The purpose of extinguishing fire.