Mining dump truck fire extinguishing system

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Mining dump truck fire extinguishing system

The fire extinguishing device for off-highway mining dump trucks is an important measure to ensure the safe and stable operation of mining dump trucks, and is a powerful guarantee for safe production and construction of mines. By installing fire extinguishing devices, mining vehicle fire extinguishments are made simpler and more efficient, technically ensuring the timeliness of vehicle fire detection and the efficiency of fire control, and nipping vehicle fires in the bud.

Recently, our company's installation personnel conducted installation and related training on vehicle fire extinguishing devices for mining dump truck manufacturing enterprises, and provided professional explanations on the installation process, usage, daily inspection and subsequent maintenance of the devices.

Device features

1. This device does not require a power supply. Through mechanical action and under the action of nitrogen driving force, the water base is directly transported to the fire source point to achieve precise fire extinguishing function.

2. According to the volume of the protective space and the fire extinguishing concentration, the dosage of the agent, the specifications of the agent bottles and the number of water-based special nozzles can be determined.

3. The use of special water-based atomizing nozzles can achieve fine water mist spray fire extinguishing in the protective area, with wider coverage and better fire extinguishing effects.

4. Professional and customized mechanical manual water-based fire extinguishing device, with protective treatment from pipelines to metal fittings. The agent bottle is made of stainless steel. Molybdenum is added to make it more corrosion-resistant and vibration-resistant. The stainless steel agent pipeline is also anti-corrosion treated, which increases the service time of the fire extinguishing equipment and reduces the operating cost of the user.