Automatic fire extinguishing system for wide body dump trucks

Automatic fire extinguishing system for wide body dump trucks

The automatic fire extinguishing system for non highway dump trucks is based on the overall technical architecture of "fire detection, data transmission, control analysis, fire warning, and sprinkler extinguishing". It focuses on the fire problems of open-pit and underground coal mine vehicles such as non highway mining dump trucks, coal mining machines, monorail cranes, scrapers, support trucks, flat transport vehicles, wet spray trucks, etc., focusing on the research and development of special fire protection products and technological innovation, and tackling real-time monitoring of vehicle fires Key technologies such as unmanned firefighting; Establish an intelligent fire extinguishing system with multiple functions such as automatic fire detection, automatic identification of danger signals, timely fire warning, and precise sprinkler extinguishing, achieving an integrated management system for vehicle fire detection, alarm, and extinguishing.

Why do non highway dump trucks need to be equipped with automatic fire extinguishing devices, and what is the reason for their fire? Let's take a look together:

1. Most non highway dump trucks operate in complex and harsh environments such as high temperature and corrosion all year round, resulting in aging, short circuit, and decreased insulation performance of vehicle lines, which is highly likely to cause fire accidents.

2. The continuous operation of vehicles for a long time results in high and persistent temperatures in the engine compartment, exhaust pipes, transmission, and other areas. In addition, the accumulation of coal dust, dust, oil stains, etc. poses serious safety hazards.

3. When the vehicle is operating under high load and intensity, the wheel hub may be in a dry wear state due to untimely maintenance, causing overheating of the wheel hub and ignition of the tires.

4. The inadequate daily maintenance and upkeep of vehicles further exacerbates the breeding of fire hazards.

At present, the traditional fire extinguishing method adopts manual inspection and observation. However, due to the complexity and compact space inside the mining car, there are blind spots where personnel cannot observe, resulting in a high detection error rate and strong lag. Additionally, there are limitations and insecurity in personnel firefighting, and the situation is always in a passive response to firefighting.

The use of intelligent fire detection technology on non highway dump trucks can achieve early automatic detection, early warning, and precise extinguishing of vehicle fires. In the event of a vehicle fire, the built-in self starting device automatically activates the fire extinguishing system, achieving precise and rapid release of extinguishing agents, forming a large-scale and fully submerged precise fire extinguishing system in the protected area, effectively suppressing the recurrence of the fire.

Highlights of non highway dump truck automatic fire extinguishing system products:

The non highway dump truck automatic fire extinguishing system is a specialized vehicle fire extinguishing device customized by Shandong Zhongdao Fire Research and Development Personnel based on the internal structure of the vehicle, the size of the protective area, and the actual fire extinguishing needs of customers. It has mature technology, reliable quality, safety and environmental protection, and a wide range of applications.

High stability: The core components of the system are made of stainless steel material and injected with anti-corrosion technology. At the same time, they have undergone protective treatments such as high temperature resistance and wear resistance, making it easy to cope with complex mining environments.

High reliability: The system is equipped with automatic start, manual start, and mechanical emergency start modes to meet various fire extinguishing needs while further ensuring the normal and stable operation of the system.

High safety: The use of new water-based fire extinguishing agents will not cause damage to human health and equipment, and will not cause damage to the atmospheric environment.