Gas dispenser automatic fire extinguishing system

Gas dispenser automatic fire extinguishing system

Gas dispenser automatic fire extinguishing system
product description

Once a fire occurs in a gas station, it is relatively difficult to put out the fire with manual fire extinguishers due to its extreme danger.
In view of the fire characteristics of the oil tanker, our company professionally produces, designs and develops an automatic fire extinguishing device for the oil tanker. This device can automatically detect sparks and
After detecting the flame, it will send out an audible and visual alarm and activate the automatic fire extinguishing device. The fire extinguishing device can flood the entire tanker protection area within 3-5 seconds.
It greatly improves the fire safety of the tanker and minimizes the safety of life and property.

System specification

◆System description:
The automatic fire extinguishing device of the oil dispenser is developed, designed and developed by our company based on practical applications.
A new generation of low-power automatic fire extinguishing devices produced.
◆Energy saving and environmental protection:
The power in normal working state is 10W, which greatly saves power loss and is equipped with
UPS fire power supply.
◆Reliable detection:
The detector adopts infrared multi-band and composite multi-band sensitive explosion-proof flame detectors.
detector, strong anti-interference.
◆Reassuring protection:
H-type dry powder nozzle has long spray distance, large protection space and long continuous spray time.
Prevent re-ignition.
◆Multiple startup methods:
It has three starting modes: automatic, manual and mechanical emergency.

The main function
▲Auto start function:
Without manual intervention, according to the set program
Automatically determine the fire situation and quickly start the device once the setting program is triggered
Complete fire extinguishing.
▲Manual start function:
With manual start release button, manual start priority, when working
Fire hazards discovered by workers can be dealt with promptly and effectively.
▲Emergency start function:
When a fire occurs, both automatic and manual start will fail.
In this case, it can be started mechanically directly on the bottle group.
▲Linkage control function:
Multi-level pre/alarm, equipment shutdown and cut-off can be set according to needs
power supply and other functions.
▲Maintenance test function:
It comes with a maintenance test switch, which can temporarily shut down the system as needed, effectively preventing the fire extinguishing system from being activated due to misoperation.