Automatic fire extinguishing system for underground vehicles in coal mines


Automatic fire extinguishing system for underground vehicles in coal mines

With the continuous promotion of smart mining construction, coal mining enterprises have put forward higher requirements for fire safety protection of mining vehicles. The automatic fire extinguishing system for underground vehicles in coal mines, as an important component of intelligent fire protection construction in mines, is widely favored by mining enterprises due to its performance advantages of precise detection, fast response, efficient fire extinguishing, and unmanned management. The system can be divided into automatic start, manual start, and mechanical emergency start according to different startup methods. This not only changes the limitations of traditional manual fire extinguishing, but also achieves dual control of automatic and manual fire extinguishing, making operation more flexible and fire extinguishing more efficient.

Introduction to system features:

1) Progressiveness

The system adopts advanced fire detection technology, signal transmission technology, fire warning technology, and sprinkler fire extinguishing technology, making vehicle fire extinguishing more autonomous, real-time, early, intelligent, and unmanned, catering to the development process of smart mines.

2) Customizability

The system adopts a professional and customized design concept to meet the actual fire extinguishing needs of various mining enterprises such as coal mines, gold mines, and iron mines. At the same time, starting from the characteristics of vehicle fires, the size of the protective area space, and the internal structure of the vehicle, the system sets the types of fire extinguishing agents, the amount of agents, the number of detectors and nozzles, and the installation location in a professional manner. This has achieved the accuracy and timeliness of detection, as well as the efficiency of fire extinguishing, To achieve optimal fire extinguishing performance.

3) Safety and reliability

The system is designed with full consideration of complex industrial and mining environments such as high vibration, corrosion, and high temperature. The core components such as detectors, nozzles, and reagent pipelines are made of austenitic stainless steel, effectively extending the service life of the device. At the same time, in response to the flammable and explosive working environment underground, pure mechanical non electric self starting fire extinguishing technology is adopted, effectively eliminating the problem of unsafe electricity consumption and complex line constraints.

4) Practicality and Economy

The system has strong practicality and can be widely used in electric scrapers, explosion-proof trackless rubber wheeled vehicles, monorail cranes, flat transport vehicles, explosion-proof command vehicles, explosion-proof hydraulic lifting platform vehicles, explosion-proof tunnel cleaning vehicles, explosion-proof diesel locomotives, explosion-proof command vehicles, and open-pit mining vehicles; Secondly, the entire system has a compact structure, small footprint, fast operation, and simple maintenance, fully meeting the actual firefighting needs of mining enterprises, effectively reducing operating costs, and catering to the green and intelligent development process of mines.